The Advantages of Bedding Sets

by GuestPoster on July 5, 2010

Four pieces, five pieces, even seven pieces or more!  That is what can be found in bedding sets at the local retail store or online.  What’s so important about purchasing all those pieces in a single set?  The answer is simple.  Bedding is the central focus of any bedroom decor.  It is the starting place.  Everything else in the bedroom is there to direct our attention to the bed.

Bedding sets usually include a comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, one pillow case if it is a twin size set or two for full, queen and king sizes.  No longer are consumers forced to carry a favorite set of sheets around the shopping environment trying to match shades of blues or hues of green.  Instead, the single purchase will include the basics to create a relatively complete bedroom decor without having to worry about matching patterns or dye lots.  Some bedding ensembles even include pillow shams or throw pillows to be used as accent pieces on the bed or perhaps on a bedroom chair.

Designers must have taken the idea from baby crib sets that include almost everything necessary to set up a nursery according to a specific theme.  Adults have not had such a luxury until recent years.  What a terrific advancement this is in helping the novice select a decor for the bedroom.  Men are particularly prone to purchasing a complete set of linens as opposed to creating the look piece by piece.

This does not mean that women are not equally likely to select a set that includes all the necessities and some accessories, even to the bed skirts.  Purchasing a bedding set that includes a floral comforter in blue and brown, for example, may include solid color sheets in either color, a couple of brown polka dot on blue background pillow shams and a blue and brown stripe bed skirt.  Many women love the mixture of patterns but hesitate to purchase the pieces individually because of lack of confidence.  With all the pieces combined in a single purchase, it builds the woman’s confidence in her personal style and taste.

Shopping for bedding ensembles is the ideal way to determine the decor for the bedroom, whether the consumer be a man who may be unsure of how to define a bedroom decor or a woman who wants a bedroom that looks like it could be in a home decor magazine but may be hesitant to express her personal taste in design.  If there is another advantage, it is that a parent can fully decorate a nursery, a toddler bedroom, or the kids room with one stop shopping.

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