The Wonderful Wardrobe Closets

by GuestPoster on July 8, 2010

Closets are found in just about every room in the house. Some are small that don’t hold much, others are much larger and hold specific items. Closets are not just for clothes anymore. Wardrobe closets are different from a chest of drawers because they have hooks, shelves and space for clothes and other items. They are very popular because they increase the value and flair of a home and, according to real estate reports, are one of two considerations a woman makes when buying or renting a home. The other is an updated kitchen.

Wardrobe closets come in various sizes and makes. The popular 2 door and 3 door closets are perfect for that small children’s bedroom or placed in a guestroom for additional storage purposes. Closets come in various colors and designs, too. Portable closets, mirrored closets, his and her closets, and closets with bifold doors. Many Web sites can provide pictures showing sizes, colors, design, materials and costs. You can even have a custom designed closet made to your specifications at prices that could range from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, when shopping the internet it pays to be diligent. There are always those with a boxful of hyperbole that may tell you it’s solid wood and show you a picture of a wood closet when that choice could be particle board.

So what about that beautiful wardrobe closet you’ve had on your wish-list since the Clinton administration! Well, when your closets are so full you’re afraid to open them and you can’t close the door, perhaps it’s time to consider new closets. Actually they are not as expensive as you think and come with drawers for storing your softer items, things you won’t wear until next summer, and hooks on the inside for hanging clothing. Since there is enough room for everything when you close the closet doors you won’t have to think twice about opening them again.

If you opt to buy a new closet and self-assemble the wood pieces many larger retail outlets might have what you want for less than $200. However, these type closets can also be as luxurious as you want. They may not look like a closet you paid a thousand dollars for, but actually are quite stylish. In the final analysis always make sure you decide what works for you in terms of quality, design, materials used and cost.

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