12 Interesting Vacations: Transfer Your Timeshare

by Ben on December 22, 2011

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Vacations are usually fun no matter where you go or what you do.  Sometimes though things get boring once you’ve done them too many time.  If you have a timeshare you probably understand this better than anyone.  Trying new activities at your vacation hotspot might get things going again but there’s only so much a place can offer.

Going somewhere new is a much better way to energize your vacation.  A new location will offer new sites and things to do.  Unless you’re used to finding the most adventurous places you can though, it’s likely that you’ll find somewhere a lot like the vacation you normally take.

If you want an easy way to make your vacation exciting and original don’t just look for somewhere new to go, find somewhere a bit different to stay.  Transfer your timeshare, throw out the old hat and take a look at these great and unique lodging ideas.

1. Bed and Breakfast

At a bed and breakfast you don’t just get a place to stay, you get an intimate lodging experience and personal service.  Every bed and breakfast is unique so look around a bit and find something that fits your tastes.  And remember you’re staying with someone that lives in the area.  While you’re having your hearty breakfast feel free ask them about what’s special in the area.

2. Hostel

You might not see them as much in the United States as you do in Europe, but hostels are an awesome way to travel.  If you’re on a tight budget they can help stretch your money a lot farther.  You’ll also have the chance to meet a lot of people and isn’t that part of what makes travel so great?

3. Couch Surfing

This may sound like something you do in college but with the advent of the internet it has become a great way to travel.  Through official sites you can find people that are willing to let you stay at their house for a couple days while you’re on vacation.  The websites do their best to make sure everyone is safe and has as much information as possible.  While this probably isn’t a great way to travel with kids it’s can be a great experience for anyone that feels up to it.

4. Home Exchange

If you’ve seen The Holiday then you should at least have an idea of what this is.  With a home exchange you swap homes with another person or family for a predetermined amount of time.  Sine you’re trading straight across this can be an extremely affordable way to travel.  It’s not for everyone.  If you try this out just remember you’re taking care of their home while they take care of yours.

5. Cottage Rental

Renting a place for a week or a few days can make travel much easier.  You get a kitchen and other facilities so you can save on dining out and pack fewer clothes.  Cottages are great places to rent as you get everything you need in a small package.  You can even find them in unique settings like a cozy mountain retreat or a sheep farm where you can watch the dogs round up the stock in the morning.

6. Camping

You’ve probably been camping at least once in your life even if it was just when you were a kid.  Remember how fun that was?  Now just think of what it would be like to go camping somewhere really different, like the jungle or the Rockies.  This will take a bit of research to see what camp grounds are available where you’re going but it can make things a bit more special.

7. Yurt

This is kind of like camping with better accommodations.  You won’t have the luxuries of a normal hotel room but you’re not entirely roughing it either.  Yurt vacations have become more popular recently and there are a number of places that offer yurt camping, from the Pacific Northwest to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert.

8. Jail

Jail certainly doesn’t sound like a vacation but it can be.  Quite a few old jailhouses have been converted into lodging.  Whether you look for a designer room in a fully renovated prison, somewhere that offers a taste of the real thing or something in between, a night or two in a jail turned hotel can make for an exciting vacation stay.

9. Tree house

We’re not talking about the one out in the backyard.  Tree house hotels offer full hotel accommodations all up in the canopy.  You’ll find these all over in tropical climates and there are even a few in the United States.  As long as you’re not afraid of heights this can take you vacation for ho hum to amazing instantly.

10. Igloo

A house made of snow doesn’t sound like a great place to stay but igloos are surprisingly warm.  There are a number of places in colder climates that offer igloo lodging throughout the winter months.  You’ll find these ice hotels in places like Canada, Russia, Sweden and other countries near the Arctic Circle.

11. Underwater

Ice hotels are strange enough but underwater hotels?  You’ll find them in places like Fiji, Florida and even a lake in Sweden.  You literally get to sleep with the fishes as these special rooms’ windows look directly into open water.  If sleeping on the bottom of the ocean seems like a little much you can look for aquariums that offer a similar experience.

12. Ships, Planes and More

If you do a little looking you’ll find a great many things have been converted into hotels.  You’ll find reclaimed airplanes and trains turned hotel rooms all over the place.  Old ships are another common candidate for conversion.  Germany even has a “pay what you can” hotel with rooms made out of old drain pipe.  If you want a truly unique experience you just have to look.

There are tons of offbeat places to stay if you just look for them.  Why bother with the same old same old where there’s so much to explore and do out there?  Finding weird accommodations is a great first step to making vacation memories that last.  Don’t let a timeshare, old habits or anything else keep you from having the best, most brag worthy vacation ever.

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