Best College Job: Bartending

by Ben on January 10, 2012

There is no better part time job available for most college students than bartending.  In simple terms it provides:

  • Better income opportunities
  • The better you get the more you earn
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Its fun
  • You aren’t in an office or outdoors subject to weather conditions
  • You can apply it in bars, restaurants, hotels, for catering and parties and more ways than any other opportunity
  • You can use it anywhere in the country and overseas
  • There are lots of bartending jobs available

Age to Bartend

College age students have far more opportunities to bartend than they might realize.  26 states in the US allow you to bartend at 18 and above.  You can bartend at age 19 in 3 states and 1 additional state at age 20.  In the rest of the nation you need to be at least 21 years old.

States that allow 18 year olds to bartend include all of New England, most of the Mid Atlantic and other states throughout the US.  Our bartending school 2121 Noblestown Road,  Pittsburgh, PA  15205 in Pittsburgh PA, has been training college age students for decades and helped hundreds if not thousands land bartender jobs for years.

Hands on Training

Our bartending classes provide hands-on training in a realistic bar in a fast 40 hour program that is state regulated.  The training is incredibly realistic, lots of fun, and taught by instructors with years of experience both bartending and as instructors.  Job placement assistance has resulted in students landing jobs at many of Pittsburgh’s hottest clubs, trendiest and fanciest restaurants along with neighborhood and sports bars throughout the region.

Income Opportunities

Once you get good and efficient most bartenders earn somewhere in a rough range of $100-$300/shift.  Income will vary from place to place, and day to day.  Most of the income is from tips.  The better you get, the more you earn.

While most bartenders work evenings there are many lucrative day bartending jobs, ranging from restaurants to hotels, to airport restaurants.  Still other opportunities include catering and parties.  You can work for caterers or establish your own bartending service.  Its simply an endless variety of opportunities for enthused students looking for a great way to earn income while in school.

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