Successful Job Training and Placement in New England

by Ben on March 6, 2012

Some might be surprised by this but one of the most startling success stories in New England for training students and helping them find jobs is our Bartending School in CT at 663 Lakewood Road, Waterbury, Connecticut 06704.  A small, fast inexpensive bartending school is helping a greater percentage of grads obtain a skill, get work, pay off the cost of training and generate significant income.  Its all done in a quick, fun-filled 40 hour program that includes an intensive job placement assistance program that is successfully helping students.

Our bartending school is a state certified 40 hour program with flexible schedules, new programs starting every week, hands-on training behind a real bar, and includes national alcohol management certification, and is tied to an extensive national placement program.   But the real success is that residents of Connecticut are obtaining bartending jobs in the state and elsewhere with the assistance of a very advanced placement assistance program.

We’ve offered job placement assistance for years, but in the past half year we made significant investments and personnel to upgrade the system.  The results are dramatic.

In the last few months we’ve had grads find a tremendous number of jobs throughout the state, North, East, South, and West.  They are working in every region.  Its because of our extensive efforts to work with employers and keep tabs on the market.

For instance in just a few short months, over 30 grads landed bartending positions near our location in Waterbury.  What is surprising though is that over 20 grads landed jobs in and around Hartford, over 20 landed bartending positions in and around New Haven, 9 in and near Bridgeport, 8 in smaller towns in NW Connecticut, 12 in and around Stamford/Fairfield, 9 near Danbury, 9 in the Middletown/Meriden area, 1 in the popular casino’s and several out of state.

Our grads are bartending in every kind of establishment from restaurants to clubs, to hotels, to fine dining, to caterers, sports bars and pubs.  Some work full time, some work part-time.  Its really up to each grad and their circumstances.

You can’t match the payback for a bartending school with placement assistance.  The cost of our 40 hour program is only several hundred dollars versus 10’s of thousands of dollars for all sorts of programs.  The extraordinary opportunity is that with a job or two the payback can occur in one week or less.  Its astonishing that some grads have a healthy income with a fun filled 40 hour training program that only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

For more information you can reach our school Bartenders Academy at (203) 754-6000.

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