Must Have Tools for Stockbrokers

by GuestPoster on April 13, 2012

In today’s fast paced world, you must be prepared to compete with the competition on a variety of levels. Trading stock is perhaps one of the fastest-changing day to day, moment to moment professions; and it requires tools of the trade to be a reliable and powerful trading force in today’s market. With the vast amount of technology available today, and the advent of online trading – here are some tools to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Applications

Today’s smartphones have unlimited data and blazing fast 3G or 4G Internet speeds. This enables real-time streaming of multiple markets at the same time. Not only that, but they allow for custom apps to watch the market, as well as downloading your favorite online trading app such as E*Trade, Zecco, or SpeedTrader. These apps allow tracking of the market, check deposits, and even the ability to place trades anywhere. Most apps work across multiple platforms, so whether you have an IPhone, Android, Blackberry, or iPad – chances are, there’s an app for you.

An Office Setup that Works

Gone are the days of a tiny cubicle. Today’s offices for stockbrokers should be outfitted with the fastest connection speed available in the area; allowing for quicker retrieval of data and downloading of important files. Technology World recommends multiple monitors, so as to track rapidly changing markets.

Having adequate tools in your office will enable you to keep track of what is happening on the floor or off, when it happens. Having an HDMI output capable computer is also advisable if you want to stream news from your workstation to an LCD TV in your office, allowing you to continue working on another monitor while also watching the market without having to look at the other monitor constantly. HDMI output is also vital for presentations and meetings, allowing people to share ideas and view detailed charts and graphs without use of a projector if one is unavailable.

Understanding the Internet and Stockbroker Programs

If you’re not computer savvy, consider brushing up with an online course from a local community college. The Internet is an amazing tool for today’s independent broker, and without the skills needed to navigate the world of today’s online stock market, it can be a quagmire. Today’s investments can be made by people anywhere at any time, and knowing how to navigate the Internet and online trading websites is vital to success. Understanding the programs available to you is also key, regardless of whether you are running Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are many options for all operating systems, such as Scottrade’s NASDAQ Velocity and Forces, Grism, and System Trader.

These tips are just a few that you can use to increase your trading advantages. Today’s world is ever-changing and fast paced, and navigating the market more so. Who knows what will become the next must-have tools for stockbrokers in a year or two?

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